Hello, I am a creative professional.

"So… you’re a professional, sure, but, I mean, what do you do exactly?" (wince)

"What did you major in? Oh."

"Can you actually get a job with that degree?"

[Blank stare]

I’m tired of the questions, and I haven’t even walked down the aisle to graduation yet. Thank God we’re not all created to think the same way about the world. We have brains that light up at different voltages, solve puzzles in distinct sequences, and connect the dots in eclectic masterpieces.

I believe every breathing person has the gift of creativity. Creativity is diversity; its forms are endless. Yet, there is a good reason (many actually!) why I am not an engineer, a physical therapist, a medical professional of any kind. Likewise, computer technicians, biochemical engineers, and rocket scientists are not the people who are designing your favorite t-shirt, sketching your next tattoo, producing your favorite superbowl commercial or shooting photos in a studio for the magazine that will be delivered to your door or that you’ll glance at in the grocery store checkout line. 

This is my response.

I’m a visual learner. I process best by watching, seeing and observing. Draw me a picture, use a color code, or show me a diagram.

Ideas are my forte. I am a problem-solver and solution-seeker.

I tell stories for a living. Maybe one day I’ll tell yours. I’m still learning how to tell mine. I believe the world revolves around the stories we have the courage to tell. 

As an advertiser, I write the messages you read on billboards, buses, subway signs; in magazines, newspapers, posters and storefronts. I describe the world in which you buy, sell and express yourself. I present you with possibilities, with the pieces to write your own messages back to me. I facilitate dialogue within a far-reaching global community. 

As a designer, I layout the images in your world so that they please your eye, tickle your funny bone, bring a tear, remind you of your childhood, or let you experience love. I help you say the most important things in a most beautiful way. I choose fonts that communicate a particular feeling. I fill your life with logos, brands, designs, trademarks. I leave my mark on your coffee mugs, t-shirts, car bumper, laptop covers, baseball caps.

As a communication strategist, I help businesses do business. I engage theories, assessments and statistics in order to produce tangible growth, substantial development and increase income. I help companies know their clients. I make space for clients to have a voice in the marketplace. 

As a community developer, I engage with people in their environments and make life beautiful through education, the arts, music, clean streets, bike trails, and strong business partnerships.

As a volunteer coordinator, I help make possible meals for those who are hungry, 5k races, concerts in the park, annual holiday parades, meet and greets with football player or the mayor, movie nights on the hillside overlooking the city skyline. I make it possible for a 6th grader to have a mentor, a kindergartner to be welcome on their first day of school, a homeowner to have help shoveling snow, and the next generation’s leaders to learn to read. 

As a photographer, I capture the essence of life. I catch the glances, expressions and exchanges that are over before we hardly get the chance to acknowledge them. I seize the moment, and I help you relive your life in its most beautiful form. 

As a videographer, I make pictures move. Worlds, faces, places, spaces that you may never see in person - I allow you to see them through my lens. I engage you through conversation matched with images and patterns set to a soundtrack from various angles and vantage points. In just a few minutes, I can make an unforgettable impression.

As a fundraiser, I connect the people who are able to give with the people who need to receive. I build strong relationships based on investment, trust, credibility and impact. 

I am a creative professional, and this is my manifesto.

Sometimes you learn about things that make huge sections of your life make sense.

Like this:

When a story reveals systemic injustice and also broken people, will we act anyway, or do we champion justice only on behalf of innocents? Can we find the humility and mercy to enact justice even though we are broken people in a broken world?

this whole grad school deal… 

for some, its a reason to remain a student.

for others, it shapes who you are as a person.

for me, I’m still figuring out the place it has, if any, in my life. 

suggestions welcome. this is unknown territory.

The place in which we live is the context of our thoughts. For our soul to thrive there, it needs the rich nutrients of art’s insight and beauty, art’s mirror into our own soul and window into the soul of our neighbor.
People who need people
Are the luckiest people in the world…
A feeling deep in your soul
Says you are half now you’re whole
Funny Girl, Barbara Streisand
Time spent sharpening a tool is not time wasted
Pearce, Making Social Worlds
In many ways, this conversation is remarkable for being so ordinary.
Pearce, Making Social Worlds




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